“I have strong opinions but I can’t always say what I think. Otherwise it would be on the front page and I don’t want that, but if it was up to me, I wouldn’t have done so, but if the president thinks the best thing for the team is to sign players and let others leave, we must respect and support the decision. (…) with new players the style will change and it may change for better or worse. I hope it’s for the better since the players are of a very good standard. The normal thing is that they’ll adapt well. Di Maria and Xabi were very important to us but they’re gone and we should be happy with the new players. I’m sure we’ll be fine.” (x) (x)

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David, Robinho and Marcelo training today.

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heterochromia is one of the coolest aesthetics the human body can muster

a very groovy mutation

Thank you, Charles Xavier.

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when u make a joke only u and ur friend get


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"go the fuck away im not dealing w ur snake shit today"

… he just slapped a fucking cobra.



"go the fuck away im not dealing w ur snake shit today"

… he just slapped a fucking cobra.

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Marvel ladies as figures in mythology:

Marvel ladies as the three Moirai (The Fates)

Jane (spinner): The astrophysicist who can lead the human race into the new world or leave it behind just as easily and spins the future of the human race. She can determine the fate of gods as easily as she can that of humans, a unique advantage over most. In mythology she assisted in creating the greek alphabet, leading the greeks into a new era of learning, as she will do when she connects Earth with the rest of the galaxy and realms with in Yggdrasil.

Betty (allotter): The woman who can hold lives in her hands. As one of the scientists that worked on Gamma Pulse that lead to the creation of the Hulk, her knowledge can determine the fate of people. And as one of the few who can appeal to Bruce’s human side when he is the Hulk, her control can save or end lives just as easily as she can change them. She can be cruel just as easy as she can be kind, though. She is good at the heart, and able to see clearer than most. 

Natasha (unturnable): The woman assassin who can cut the threat of life with a flick of her wrist, or rather, the small snip of her “abhorred” shears. She literally and physically hold the thread of life and chooses the manner of everyone’s death. She can be kind and swift in her justice or she can make it a long and painful affair. In her own words, “Killing people is easy. Making them suffer is an art.” There are many different names for her, but none of them will change her nature, or the fact that she is coming for the heads and hearts of everyone who was and ever will be. 

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ive been meaning to make work-related comics forever, so enjoy some choice movie title bastardizations.

(these all actually, seriously, happened, with no humor or awareness on the part of the customer at the time as far as I could tell. so, yes, someone actually asked for a ticket to “Detergent” with a straight face.)

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An artist gave Disney princesses a fantastically badass twist

Modern takes on Disney princesses have been all the rage lately. Graphic artists have taken to appropriating the squeaky-clean role models to make powerful statements on race, gender, sexual abuse, domestic violence and even the environment. (The princes have also gotten similar treatments on abuse, gender and sexuality.)

Now Italian artist Emmanuel Viola has updated the familiar princesses in a new, fresh way: as pierced and tattooed-up badasses.

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